1. pisara, tippa

  2. pudotus

  3. tipahtaminen

  4. yhteys|videopelit|k=en droppi

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vähenemä, pienenemä, oikaisu, jännitteen lasku, pudotus, lasku, vapaa pudotus, pudottaa, varistaa, luoda nahka, olla karvanlähtö, olla sulkasato, luoda nahkansa, synnyttää, saada lapsi, päästä eroon, hankkiutua, heittää pois, riisua, hankkiutua eroon.


  1. droppi: lääke : Ei sul ois stikkaa mulle jotai droppii?


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drop (englanti > suomi)

  1. pisara, tippa

  2. pudotus

  3. putoaminen

  4. pudotuspaikka

  5. rae, pastilli

  6. tippua, pisaroida

  7. tiputtaa

  8. tippua, pudota

  9. pudottaa, tiputtaa

  10. kaatua

  11. loppua

  12. heittää

  13. lopettaa

  14. pudota, tippua, laskea

  15. lähettää, heittää

  16. pudottaa

  17. napata

  18. pudottaa, poistaa

  19. julkaista

  20. ilmestyä

  21. pudota, laskea

drop englanniksi

  1. A small mass of liquid just large enough to hold its own weight via surface tension, usually one that falls from a source of liquid.

  2. Put three drops of oil into the mixture.

  3. The space or distance below a cliff or other high position into which someone or something could fall.

  4. On one side of the road was a 50-foot drop.

  5. A fall, descent; an act of dropping.

  6. That was a long drop, but fortunately I didnt break any bones.''

  7. (quote-journal)

  8. It moved in surges, like a roller coaster on a series of drops and high-banked turns.
  9. A place where items or supplies may be left for others to collect, sometimes associated with criminal activity; a drop-off point.

  10. I left the plans at the drop, like you asked.

    wikipedia:The Drop (film)Plot|The Drop (film title)

  11. An instance of dropping supplies or making a delivery, sometimes associated with delivery of supplies by parachute.

  12. The delivery driver has to make three more drops before lunch.

  13. puhekieltä A small amount of an alcoholic beverage; or when used with the definite article (the drop), alcoholic spirits in general.

  14. He usually enjoys a drop after dinner.

    It doesnt matter where you're from; anyone who enjoys the drop is a friend of mine.''

  15. puhekieltä A single measure of whisky.

  16. A small, round, sweet piece of hard candy, e.g. a lemon drop; a lozenge.

  17. puhekieltä A dropped pass.

  18. Yet another drop for the Tiger tight end.

  19. puhekieltä Short for drop-back or drop back.

  20. The Tiger quarterback took a one-step drop, expecting his tight end to be open.

  21. puhekieltä A drop-kick.

  22. In a woman, the difference between bust circumference and hip circumference; in a man, the difference between chest circumference and waist circumference.

  23. puhekieltä Any item dropped by defeated enemies.

  24. puhekieltä A point in a song, usually electronic-styled music such as dubstep, house, trance or trap, where there is a very noticeable and pleasing change in tempo, bass, and/or overall tone; also known as the highlight or climax.

  25. {{quote-journal

  26. puhekieltä An unsolicited credit card issue.

  27. The vertical length of a hanging curtain.

  28. That which resembles or hangs like a liquid drop: a hanging diamond ornament, an earring, a glass pendant on a chandelier, etc.

  29. puhekieltä A gutta.

  30. A mechanism for lowering something, such as: a trapdoor; a machine for lowering heavy weights onto a ship's deck; a device for temporarily lowering a gas jet; a curtain which falls in front of a theatrical stage; etc.

  31. puhekieltä (With definite article) A gallows; a sentence of hanging.

  32. A (l) or (l).

  33. puhekieltä The distance of the axis of a shaft below the base of a hanger.

  34. puhekieltä The depth of a square sail; generally applied to the courses only.

  35. (rfquotek)

  36. puhekieltä To fall in droplets (of a liquid). (defdate)

  37. Spenser

  38. The kindly dew drops from the higher tree, / And wets the little plants that lowly dwell.
  39. puhekieltä To drip (a liquid). (defdate)

  40. Creech

  41. The trees drop balsam.
  42. Sterne

  43. The recording angel, as he wrote it down, dropped a tear upon the word and blotted it out forever.
  44. puhekieltä Generally, to fall (straight down). (defdate)

  45. (ux)

  46. puhekieltä To let fall; to allow to fall (either by releasing hold of, or losing one's grip on). (defdate)

  47. puhekieltä To let drops fall; to discharge itself in drops.

  48. Bible, Psalms lxviii. 8

  49. The heavens (..) dropped at the presence of God.
  50. puhekieltä To sink quickly to the ground. (defdate)

  51. puhekieltä To fall dead, or to fall in death.

  52. Digby

  53. Nothing, says Seneca, so soon reconciles us to the thoughts of our own death, as the prospect of one friend after another dropping round us.
  54. puhekieltä To come to an end (by not being kept up); to stop. (defdate)

  55. 1897, (w), (w):

  56. Maisie's faith in Mrs. Wix for instance had suffered no lapse from the fact that all communication with her had temporarily dropped.
  57. puhekieltä To mention casually or incidentally, usually in conversation. (defdate)

  58. puhekieltä To part with or spend (money). (defdate)

  59. 1949, The Atlantian, v 8, Atlanta: United States Penitentiary, p 41:

  60. The question was: Who put the most in the collection box? The wealthy guy, who dropped a “C” note, or the tattered old dame who parted with her last tarnished penny.
  61. 2000, Lisa Reardon, Blameless: A Novel, Random House, p 221:

  62. I forked over the $19.25. I was in no position to be dropping twenties like gumdrops but I deserved something good from this crappy morning.
  63. puhekieltä To cease concerning oneself over; to have nothing more to do with (a subject, discussion etc.). (defdate)

  64. S. Sharp

  65. They suddenly 'dropt''' the pursuit.
  66. Thackeray

  67. that astonishing ease with which fine ladies drop you and pick you up again
  68. Sir Walter Scott

  69. The connection had been dropped many years.
  70. puhekieltä To lessen, decrease, or diminish in value, condition, degree, etc. (defdate)

  71. (quote-book)|chapter=17

  72. puhekieltä To let (a letter etc.) fall into a postbox; to send (a letter or message). (defdate)

  73. puhekieltä To make (someone or something) fall to the ground from a blow, gunshot etc.; to bring down, to shoot down. (defdate)

  74. 1846, ed. by G. W. Nickisson, “Elephant-Shooting in Ceylon”, in w:Frasers Magazine|Fraser's Magazine'', vol. XXXIII, no. CXCVII

  75. http://books.google.com/books?id=mIYAAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA562&dq=drop page 562: ...if the first shot does not drop him, and he rushes on, the second will be a very hurried and most likely ineffectual one...
    http://books.google.com/books?id=mIYAAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA568&dq=dropped page 568 ...with a single shot he dropped him like a master of the art.
  76. 1892, Alexander A. A. Kinloch, Large Game Shooting in Thibet, the Himalayas, Northern and Central India, http://books.google.com/books?id=dZcXAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA126&dq=drop page 126

  77. As with all other animals, a shot behind the shoulder is the most likely to drop the beast on the spot(..)
  78. 1921, Daniel Henderson, Boone of the Wilderness, http://books.google.com/books?id=uq4cAAAAMAAJ&pg=PA54&dq=dropped page 54

  79. He dropped the beast with a bullet in its heart.
  80. 1985, (w), w:Paul Revere (song)|Paul Revere:

  81. The piano player's out, the music stopped / His boy had beef, and he got dropped...
  82. 1992, Dan Parkinson, Dust on the Wind, page 164

  83. With a quick clench of the fist on Joey's throat, Bodie dropped him. The man crumpled to the ground(..)
  84. puhekieltä To fail to write, or (especially) to pronounce (a syllable, letter etc.). (defdate)

  85. puhekieltä To fail to make a catch from a batted ball that would have lead to the batsman being out.

  86. puhekieltä To swallow (a drug), particularly LSD. (defdate)

  87. puhekieltä To dispose (of); get rid of; to remove; to lose.

  88. puhekieltä To eject; to dismiss; to cease to include, as if on a list.

  89. puhekieltä To score a goal by means of a drop-kick.

  90. puhekieltä To impart.

  91. puhekieltä To release to the public.

  92. puhekieltä To play a portion of music in the manner of a disc jockey.

  93. puhekieltä To enter public distribution.

  94. puhekieltä To tune (a guitar string, etc.) to a lower note.

  95. puhekieltä To cancel or end a scheduled event, project or course.

  96. puhekieltä To cook, especially by deep-frying or grilling.

  97. puhekieltä To lower in timbre, often relating to puberty.

  98. {{quote-journal|date=June 26, 2012|author=Genevieve Koski|work=The Onion AV Club

  99. puhekieltä To lower in pitch, tempo, key, or other quality.

  100. puhekieltä To visit informally; used with in or by.

  101. (quote-book)

  102. To give birth to.

  103. to drop a lamb

  104. To cover with drops; to variegate; to bedrop.

  105. Milton

  106. their waved coats dropped with gold
  107. puhekieltä To hang lower and begin producing sperm due to puberty.

  108. bustard

  109. puhekieltä dropEnglish dropping a new ball from hand from shoulder height and arm's length, if the original ball was lost.

  110. droplet

  111. licorice, especially a distinct form of very salty licorice sold as small round candies.

  112. puhekieltä drop goal