1. puhekieltä seis.

yks. nom. stop
yks. gen. stopin
yks. part. stopia
yks. ill. stopiin
monikossa: mon. gen. stopien
monikossa: mon. part. stopeja
monikossa: mon. ill. stopeihin



tukkeuma, tukos, lakkauttaminen, sulkeminen, tukkeutuma, tukkeutuminen, pidäke, pidätin, tappi, tulppa, lukko, este, sulku, vastus, haittatekijät, korkki, höyrylukko, obstruentti, klusiili.


  1. stopin, panee: lopettaa : Mutsi pani stopin faijan dokaamiselle.

  2. stoppaa: pysäyttää / pysähtyä / loppua : Se homma stoppas sit siihe.

  3. stoppi: pysähdys

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stop (englanti > suomi)

  1. pysähtyä

  2. pysäyttää, loppua

  3. pysäyttää, lopettaa

  4. pysäkki, seisake

  5. keskeytys

  6. piste

  7. stoppari, pysäytyslyönti

stop englanniksi

  1. puhekieltä To cease moving.

  2. (quote-book)|chapter=5

  3. (ux)

  4. puhekieltä To not continue.

  5. puhekieltä To cause (something) to cease moving or progressing.

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  7. puhekieltä To cause (something) to come to an end.

  8. puhekieltä To close or block an opening.

  9. puhekieltä To adjust the aperture of a camera lens.

  10. puhekieltä To stay; to spend a short time; to reside temporarily.

  11. R. D. Blackmore

  12. (ux)
  13. 1931, (w), Mapp & Lucia, chapter 7

  14. puhekieltä To tarry.

  15. puhekieltä To regulate the sounds of (musical strings, etc.) by pressing them against the fingerboard with the finger, or otherwise shortening the vibrating part.

  16. puhekieltä To punctuate.

  17. Landor

  18. puhekieltä To make fast; to stopper.

  19. A (usually marked) place where line buses, trams or trains halt to let passengers get on and off, usually smaller than a station.

  20. An action of stopping; interruption of travel.

  21. De Foe

  22. (ux) whether it contributed anything to the stop of the infection.
  23. Sir Isaac Newton

  24. John Locke

  25. A device intended to block the path of a moving object

  26. (usex)

  27. puhekieltä A consonant sound in which the passage of air through the mouth is temporarily blocked by the lips, tongue, or glottis; a plosive.

  28. A symbol used for purposes of punctuation and representing a pause or separating clauses, particularly a full stop, comma, colon or semicolon.

  29. That which stops, impedes, or obstructs; an obstacle; an impediment.

  30. Daniel

  31. Rogers

  32. A function that halts playback or recording in devices such as videocassette and DVD player.

  33. puhekieltä A button that activates the stop function.

  34. puhekieltä A knob or pin used to regulate the flow of air in an organ.

  35. puhekieltä A very short shot which touches the ground close behind the net and is intended to bounce as little as possible.

  36. puhekieltä The depression in a dog’s face between the skull and the nasal bones.

  37. puhekieltä An f-stop.

  38. puhekieltä A device, or piece, as a pin, block, pawl, etc., for arresting or limiting motion, or for determining the position to which another part shall be brought.

  39. puhekieltä A member, plain or moulded, formed of a separate piece and fixed to a jamb, against which a door or window shuts.

  40. The diaphragm used in optical instruments to cut off the marginal portions of a beam of light passing through lenses.

  41. prone Prone to halting or hesitation.

  42. halt! stop!

  43. (non-gloss definition)

  44. puhekieltä A small well-bucket; a milk-pail.

  45. puhekieltä Being or relating to the squark that is the superpartner of a top quark.

  46. (imperative of)

  47. an action of stopping, cessation

  48. plug for a sink, a stopper

  49. electric fuse

  50. (nl-verb form of)

  51. stop sign

  52. hitchhiking

  53. halt! (l)!

  54. (l) (gloss)

  55. puhekieltä stop sign (gloss)

  56. puhekieltä hitchhike (gloss)

  57. (l)!, halt!

  58. (l) (roadsign; bus stop etc; block)

  59. puhekieltä an alloy; a mixture of metals.

  60. a stop sign.

  61. puhekieltä a vehicle's brake light.

  62. puhekieltä hitchhiking.

  63. puhekieltä A game in which the players write on paper one word from each category (animal, fruit, etc.), all beginning with the same letter, as quickly as possible. In Spanish: (m).

  64. puhekieltä (l) (gloss)

  65. puhekieltä (l); (l) (gloss) something

  66. Said by a player of the game of (m) to cease the current turn, after which the players count how many words they wrote.

  67. (l)

  68. beer Beer mug.

  69. stoup