1. ennustus

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vähenemä, pienenemä, oikaisu, jännitteen lasku, pudotus, lasku, vapaa pudotus, alamäki, viettävyys, kaltevuus, rinne, mäki, törmä.

Liittyvät sanat: fallinen, fallos, fallossymboli.

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fall (englanti > suomi)

  1. putoaminen

  2. tuho

  3. kaatua, pudota, sataa rain

  4. laskeutua

  5. heittäytyä

  6. kaatua

  7. tulla joksikin

fall englanniksi

  1. The act of moving to a lower position under the effect of gravity.

  2. A reduction in quantity, pitch, etc.

  3. (RQ:Frgsn Zlnstn)

  4. “I'm through with all pawn-games,” I laughed. “Come, let us have a game of lansquenet. Either I will take a farewell fall out of you or you will have your sevenfold revenge”.
  5. puhekieltä The time of the year when the leaves typically fall from the trees; autumn; the season of the year between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice. (defdate)

  6. A loss of greatness or status.

  7. (ux)

  8. puhekieltä A crucial event or circumstance.

  9. puhekieltä The action of a batsman being out.

  10. puhekieltä A defect in the ice which causes stones thrown into an area to drift in a given direction.

  11. puhekieltä An instance of a wrestler being pinned to the mat.

  12. A hairpiece for women consisting of long strands of hair on a woven backing, intended primarily to cover hair loss.

  13. (quote-book)

  14. puhekieltä Blame or punishment for a failure or misdeed.

  15. The part of the rope of a tackle to which the power is applied in hoisting (usu. plural).

  16. See falls

  17. An old Scots unit of measure equal to six ells.

  18. puhekieltä To move downwards.

  19. To move to a lower position under the effect of gravity.

  20. (RQ:BLwnds TLdgr)

  21. There was a neat hat-and-umbrella stand, and the stranger's weary feet fell soft on a good, serviceable dark-red drugget, which matched in colour the flock-paper on the walls.
  22. To come down, to drop or descend.

  23. 1920, (w), (w), Ch.1:

  24. Her eyes fell on the table, and she advanced into the room wiping her hands on her apron.
  25. To come to the ground deliberately, to prostrate oneself.

  26. To be brought to the ground.

  27. puhekieltä To be moved downwards.

  28. puhekieltä To let fall; to drop.

  29. (w) (1564-1616)

  30. For every tear he falls, a Trojan bleeds.
  31. puhekieltä To sink; to depress.

  32. puhekieltä To fell; to cut down.

  33. puhekieltä To happen, to change negatively.

  34. puhekieltä To become.

  35. (ux)(nowrap)

  36. Charles Dickens, Little Dorrit

  37. At length they stood at the corner from which they had begun, and it had fallen quite dark, and they were no wiser.
  38. (senseid) To occur (on a certain day of the week, date, or similar); (non-gloss definition).

  39. puhekieltä To collapse; to be overthrown or defeated.

  40. puhekieltä To die, especially in battle or by disease.

  41. puhekieltä To become lower (in quantity, pitch, etc.).

  42. Sir (w) (c.1569-1626)

  43. The greatness of these Irish lords suddenly fell and vanished.
  44. 1835, Sir (w), Sir (w), http://books.google.com.au/books?id=SdQBAAAAYAAJ Narrative of a Second Voyage in Search of a North-west Passage …, Vol.1, pp.284-5:

  45. Towards the following morning, the thermometer fell to 5°; and at daylight, there was not an atom of water to be seen in any direction.
  46. (quote-magazine)

  47. puhekieltä To become; to be affected by or befallen with a calamity; to change into the state described by words following; to become prostrated literally or figuratively (qualifier).

  48. puhekieltä To be allotted to; to arrive through chance, fate, or inheritance.

  49. (w) (1688-1744)

  50. If to her share some female errors fall, / Look on her face, and you'll forget them all.
  51. puhekieltä To diminish; to lessen or lower.

  52. (w) (1632-1705)

  53. Upon lessening interest to four per cent, you fall the price of your native commodities.
  54. puhekieltä To bring forth.

  55. (rfquotek)

  56. puhekieltä To issue forth into life; to be brought forth; said of the young of certain animals.

  57. puhekieltä To descend in character or reputation; to become degraded; to sink into vice, error, or sin.

  58. (w), (w) iv.11:

  59. Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief.
  60. puhekieltä To become ensnared or entrapped; to be worse off than before.

  61. puhekieltä To assume a look of shame or disappointment; to become or appear dejected; said of the face.

  62. (w), (w) iv.5:

  63. Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell.
  64. (w) (1672–1719)

  65. I have observed of late thy looks are fallen.
  66. puhekieltä To happen; to come to pass; to chance or light (upon).

  67. (w) (1667–1745)

  68. The Romans fell on this model by chance.
  69. (w), (w) iii.18:

  70. Sit still, my daughter, until thou know how the matter will fall.
  71. (w) (1820-1903)

  72. Primitive men(..)do not make laws, they fall into customs.
  73. puhekieltä To begin with haste, ardour, or vehemence; to rush or hurry.

  74. (w) (1817-1893) ((w))

  75. They now no longer doubted, but fell to work heart and soul.
  76. puhekieltä To be dropped or uttered carelessly.

  77. prophecy

  78. bad

  79. fall, drop

  80. case (qualifier)

  81. (de-verb form of)

  82. puhekieltä (de-verb form of)

  83. English fall, drop

  84. puhekieltä case

  85. puhekieltä function; (gloss)

  86. (is-inflection of)

  87. a (l)

  88. case

  89. i fall - in case

    i alle fall - in any case

  90. (imperative of)

  91. (form of)

  92. a English fall (qualifier)

  93. a fall, loss of greatness or wealth, a bankruptcy

  94. a slope, a waterfall, the height of a slope or waterfall

  95. fallet är omgivet av skog

    the fall is surrounded by forest

    fallet är sjutton meter

    the water falls seventeen metres; the decline is seventeen metres

  96. a (legal) case

  97. i alla fall

    anyhow (in all cases)

    i annat fall

    otherwise (in another case)

    i så fall

    if so (in such a case)

    i vilket fall som helst

    in any case

    ''i vart fall

  98. (sv-verb-form-imp)