1. portti

  2. yhteys|k=en|elektroniikka hila

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JA-piiri, JA-portti, JA-veräjä, tuloportti, tietokonepiiri, lähtöportti, portti, logiikkaportti, looginen portti, liukuportti.

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aate, olympia-aate, osuustoiminta-aate, periaate, toimintaperiaate, yleisperiaate, määräämisperiaate, toimitusperiaate, julkisuusperiaate, kansallisuusperiaate...

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gate (englanti > suomi)

  1. portti

  2. puomi

gate englanniksi

  1. (senseid)A doorlike structure outside a house.

  2. doorway Doorway, opening, or passage in a fence or wall.

  3. Movable barrier.

  4. The gate in front of the railroad crossing went up after the train had passed.

  5. puhekieltä A logical pathway made up of switches which turn on or off. Examples are and, or, nand, etc.

  6. puhekieltä The gap between a batsman's bat and pad.

  7. (ux)

  8. The amount of money made by selling tickets to a concert or a sports event.

  9. puhekieltä A line that separates particle type-clusters on two-dimensional dot plots.

  10. passageway (as in an air terminal) where passengers can embark or disembark.

  11. puhekieltä The controlling terminal of a field effect transistor (FET).

  12. In a lock tumbler, the opening for the stump of the bolt to pass through or into.

  13. puhekieltä The channel or opening through which metal is poured into the mould; the ingate.

  14. The waste piece of metal cast in the opening; a sprue or sullage piece. Also written geat and git.

  15. puhekieltä A mechanism, in a film camera and projector, that holds each frame momentarily stationary behind the aperture

  16. To keep something inside by means of a closed gate.

  17. To ground someone.

  18. puhekieltä To open a closed ion channel.Alberts, Bruce; et al. "Figure 11-21: The gating of ion channels." In: Molecular Biology of the Cell, ed. Senior, Sarah Gibbs. New York: Garland Science, 2002 cited 18 December 2009. Available from:

  19. puhekieltä To furnish with a gate.

  20. puhekieltä To turn (an image intensifier) on and off selectively as needed, or to avoid damage. See autogating.

  21. puhekieltä A way, path.

  22. Sir Walter Scott

  23. I was going to be an honest man; but the devil has this very day flung first a lawyer, and then a woman, in my gate.
  24. puhekieltä A journey.

  25. (RQ:Spenser Faerie Queen), II.xii:

  26. nought regarding, they kept on their gate, / And all her vaine allurements did forsake ....
  27. puhekieltä A street; now used especially as a combining form to make the name of a street.

  28. puhekieltä manner; gait

  29. (monikko) gat|lang=af

  30. airport gate

  31. puhekieltä scandal

  32. spoil

  33. a (l)

  34. a street

  35. puhekieltä (l) (gloss)

  36. puhekieltä (l)

  37. (pt-verb-form-of)