1. yhteys|amerikanenglantia|puhekieli|k=en aivan, paljon


The price was 'way' too high.

:Hinta oli 'aivan' liian korkea.

It was 'way' better.

:Se oli 'paljon' parempi.

Youre 'way' out of line!

:Käyttäydyt aivan sopimattomasti!

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reitti, meno- ja tuloreitti, kapea tie, kuja, kulkureitti, polku, tie, puhekielen ilmaus, arkikielen ilmaus, paljon.

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way (englanti > suomi)

  1. tie

way englanniksi

  1. puhekieltä To do with a place or places.

  2. A road, a direction, a (physical or conceptual) path from one place to another.

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  5. The way seems difficult, and steep to scale.
  6. (w) (1620-1706)

  7. The season and ways were very improper for his majesty's forces to march so great a distance.
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  11. A means to enter or leave a place.

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  14. A roughly-defined geographical area.

  15. A method or manner of doing something; a mannerism.

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  19. A state or condition

  20. When I returned home, I found my house and belongings in a most terrible way.

  21. puhekieltä Personal interaction.

  22. Possibility (usually in the phrases 'any way' and 'no way').

  23. Determined course; resolved mode of action or conduct.

  24. puhekieltä A tradition within the modern pagan faith of Heathenry, dedication to a specific deity or craft, Way of wyrd, Way of runes, Way of Thor etc.

  25. puhekieltä speed Speed, progress, momentum.

  26. 1977, (w), Clear the Bridge: The War Patrols of the U.S.S. Tang, Ballantine Books (2003), p.343:

  27. Ten minutes into the run Tang slowed, Welch calling out her speed as she lost way.
  28. A degree, an amount, a sense.

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  30. puhekieltä (non-gloss definition)

  31. puhekieltä The timbers of shipyard stocks that slope into the water and along which a ship or large boat is launched.

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  33. puhekieltä The longitudinal guiding surfaces on the bed of a planer, lathe, etc. along which a table or carriage moves.