vihattava, hirveä, inhottava, iljettävä, sietämätön, vastenmielinen, kuvottava, kauhea.

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odious (englanti > suomi)

  1. kauhea, inhottava, vihattava, vastenmielinen

odious englanniksi

  1. arouse Arousing or meriting strong dislike, aversion, or intense displeasure.

  2. Scrubbing the toilet is an odious task.

  3. (quote-book)Wikisource|title=The Return of Sherlock Holmes|chapter=The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist|passage="He was a dreadful person, a bully to everyone else, but to me something infinitely worse. He made odious love to me, boasted of his wealth, said that if I married him I would have the finest diamonds in London, and finally, when I would have nothing to do with him, he seized me in his arms one day after dinner -- he was hideously strong -- and he swore that he would not let me go until I had kissed him."

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