1. ulkomainen

  2. vieras, vierasperäinen


foreign language – vieras kieli

foreign word - vierasperäinen sana



tuntematon, ulkomaan, vieras, vierasmaalainen, ulkomainen, ei-alkuperäinen, maahantuotu, vieraus, outous.

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foreign (englanti > suomi)

  1. vieras

  2. ulkomainen, ulkomaalainen

foreign englanniksi

  1. Located outside a country or place, especially one's own.

  2. foreign markets; foreign soil


  3. Originating from, characteristic of, belonging to, or being a citizen of a country or place other than the one under discussion.

  4. foreign car; foreign word; foreign citizen; foreign trade

  5. {{quote-book|year=1905|author=w:Emma Orczy|Baroness Emmuska Orczy

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  7. Relating to a different nation.

  8. foreign policy; foreign navies

  9. Not characteristic of or naturally taken in by an organism or system.

  10. foreign body; foreign substance; foreign gene; foreign species

  11. puhekieltä alien Alien; strange.

  12. It was completely foreign to their way of thinking.

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  14. This design is not foreign from some people's thoughts.
  15. puhekieltä Held at a distance; excluded; exiled.

  16. Kept him a foreign man still; which so grieved him, / That he ran mad and died.
  17. puhekieltä From a different one of the states of the United States, as of a state of residence or incorporation.

  18. Belonging to a different organization, company etc.

  19. (label) outside Outside, outdoors, outdoor.