1. kaareva, kumara, väärä



roikkuva, vaakasuora, taivutettu, koukussa oleva, koukussa, kumara, kumarassa oleva, kyvyt, lahjat, lahjakkuus, luonnonlahja, taipumus, taito, suuntaus, viettymys, luonteenlaatu, tendenssi, omistautunut, päättänyt, piintymä, rinne, ruohoalue, ruohomaa, ruohotasanko.

Liittyvät sanat: bentsoehappo.

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bent (englanti > suomi)

  1. taipunut, taittunut

bent englanniksi

  1. (en-past of)

  2. puhekieltä folded, dented

  3. puhekieltä homosexual Homosexual.

  4. determined Determined or insistent.

  5. He was bent on going to Texas, but not even he could say why.

    They were bent on mischief.

  6. Of a person, leading a life of crime.

  7. puhekieltä inaccurate at shooting

  8. That shot was so bent it left the pitch.

  9. puhekieltä Suffering from the bends

  10. puhekieltä high High from using both Cannabis marijuana and alcohol.

  11. Man, I am so bent right now!

  12. An inclination or talent.

  13. He had a natural bent for painting.

  14. A predisposition to act or react in a particular way.

  15. His mind was of a technical bent.

  16. The state of being curved, crooked, or inclined from a straight line; flexure; curvity.

  17. the bent of a bow


  18. A declivity or slope, as of a hill.

  19. Particular direction or tendency; flexion; course.

  20. John Locke

  21. bents and turns of the matter
  22. puhekieltä A transverse frame of a framed structure.

  23. Tension; force of acting; energy; impetus.

  24. Norris

  25. the full bent and stress of the soul
  26. Any of various stiff or reedy grasses.

  27. Drayton

  28. His spear a bent, both stiff and strong.
  29. 1888, Rudyard Kipling, ‘The Strange Ride of Morrowbie Jukes’, The Phantom ’Rickshaw and Other Tales, Folio Society 2005, p. 121:

  30. Gunga Dass gave me a double handful of dried bents which I thrust down the mouth of the lair to the right of his, and followed myself, feet foremost ....
  31. 1913, w:D. H. Lawrence|D.H. Lawrence, s:Sons_and_Lovers Sons and Lovers, s:Sons and Lovers/Chapter 9|chapter 9

  32. Clusters of strong flowers rose everywhere above the coarse tussocks of bent.
  33. A grassy area, grassland.

  34. The Ballad of Chevy Chase

  35. Bowmen bickered upon the bent.
  36. (nl-verb form of); are.

  37. inside

  38. puhekieltä Coarse or wiry grass growing upon moorlands.

  39. puhekieltä An area covered with coarse or wiry grass; a moor.

  40. dam