kaiuton huone, etuhuone, odotushuone, eteishalli, eteinen, aula, lämpiö, eteisaula, takahuone, tanssisali, tanssipaikka, tanssilava, baari, kapakka, saluuna, anniskelupaikka, huone.

Liittyvät sanat: roomalainen, roomalaiskatolilainen, roomalaiskatolilaisuus, roomalaiskatolinen, roomalaiskatolisuus, roomalaiskirje.

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room (englanti > suomi)

  1. tila

  2. kaariväli

  3. huone

  4. asunto

  5. luola

room englanniksi

  1. puhekieltä wide Wide; spacious; roomy.

  2. puhekieltä far Far; at a distance; wide in space or extent.

  3. puhekieltä Off from the wind.

  4. puhekieltä opportunity Opportunity or scope (to do something). (defdate)

  5. 1526, (w), trans. Bible, (w) I:

  6. Thou lorde whiche knowest the hertes of all men, shewe whether thou hast chosen of these two, that the one maye take the roume of this ministracion, and apostleshippe from the which Judas by transgression fell, that he myght goo to his awne place.
  7. 1748, (w), (w):

  8. Nor shalt thou give me room to doubt whether it be necessity or love, that inspires this condescending impulse.
  9. puhekieltä Space for something, or to carry out an activity. (defdate) (jump)

  10. 2010, Jonathan Franklin, The Guardian, 27 Aug 2010:

  11. He explains they have enough room to stand and lie down, points out the "little cup to brush our teeth", and the place where they pray.
  12. puhekieltä A particular portion of space. (defdate)

  13. (rfdat) (w) (c.1581-1613)

  14. If he have but twelve pence in his purse, he will give it for the best room in a playhouse.
  15. (rfdat) Bible, (w) xiv. 8

  16. When thou art bidden of any man to a wedding, sit not down in the highest room.
  17. puhekieltä Sufficient space (term) or (term) do something. (defdate)

  18. (rfdat) (w) (1672-1719)

  19. There was no prince in the empire who had room for such an alliance.
  20. 2010, Roger Bootle, The Telegraph, 12 Sep 2010:

  21. There are major disagreements within the Coalition and politicians always want to retain room for manoeuvre.
  22. puhekieltä A space between the timbers of a ship's frame. (defdate)

  23. puhekieltä place Place; stead.

  24. 1749, Henry Fielding, The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling

  25. For this purpose I have shown that no acquisitions of guilt can compensate the loss of that solid inward comfort of mind, which is the sure companion of innocence and virtue; nor can in the least balance the evil of that horror and anxiety which, in their room, guilt introduces into our bosoms.
  26. puhekieltä A separate part of a building, enclosed by walls, a floor and a ceiling. (defdate) (jump)

  27. 1813, (w), (w):

  28. Miss Bingley made no answer, and soon afterwards she got up and walked about the room.
  29. (quote-book)|chapter=10

  30. puhekieltä With possessive pronoun: one's bedroom.

  31. (ux)

  32. (quote-book)|chapter=6

  33. (quote-book)|title=(w)

  34. puhekieltä A set of rooms inhabited by someone; one's lodgings. (defdate)

  35. puhekieltä The people in a room. (defdate)

  36. puhekieltä An area for working in a coal mine. (defdate) (jump)

  37. puhekieltä A portion of a cave that is wider than a passage. (defdate) (jump)

  38. puhekieltä A forum or chat room. (defdate)

  39. Place or position in society; office; rank; post, sometimes when vacated by its former occupant.

  40. (rfdat) Bible, (w) ii. 22

  41. When he heard that Archelaus did reign in Judea in the room of his father Herod.
  42. (rfdat) (w) (1494-1536)

  43. Neither that I look for a higher room in heaven.
  44. (rfdat) (w) (1564-1616)

  45. Let Bianca take her sister's room.
  46. puhekieltä To reside, especially as a boarder or tenant.

  47. Doctor Watson roomed with Sherlock Holmes at Baker Street.

  48. puhekieltä To assign to a room; to allocate a room to.

  49. 1988, Arthur Frederick Ide, AIDS hysteria (page 12)

  50. (..) convinced (with no scientific evidence) that they would contract the dread disease by breathing the same air in which the patient was roomed, by touching the patient or even by changing the sheets of a patient's bed.
  51. (l)

  52. cream (of milk)