1. rukoilla



pyytää hartaasti, pyytää nöyrästi, anoa, rukoilla, anella, toivoa, pyytää, vedota, olla läheisessä kosketuksessa, mankua, vaatia, inttää.

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pray (englanti > suomi)

  1. rukoilla, anoa, pyytää

  2. rukoilla, anoa

  3. rukoilla

pray englanniksi

  1. To petition or solicit help from a supernatural or higher being.

  2. Muslims pray in the direction of Mecca.

  3. To humbly beg a person for aid or their time.

  4. puhekieltä To communicate with God for any reason.

  5. puhekieltä To ask earnestly for; to seek to obtain by supplication; to entreat for.

  6. William Shakespeare

  7. I know not how to pray your patience.
  8. Edmund Spenser

  9. They prayd him sit, and gave him for to feed / Such homely what as serves the simple clowne, / That doth despise the dainties of the towne(..)
  10. please Please; used to make a polite request.

  11. pray silence for…

  12. 1816, (w), w:Emma (novel)|Emma, Volume 1 Chapter 8

  13. "Pray, Mr. Knightley," said Emma, who had been smiling to herself through a great part of this speech, "how do you know that Mr. Martin did not speak yesterday?"
  14. Charles Dickens, s:The Old Curiosity Shop|The Old Curiosity Shop, s:The Old Curiosity Shop/Chapter 10|Chapter 10, 1841:

  15. Pray don’t ask me why, pray don’t be sorry, pray don’t be vexed with me!
  16. Frederick Marryat, s:The Mission|The Mission, s:The Mission/Chapter XXI|Chapter XXI, 1845:

  17. Well, Major, pray tell us your adventures, for you have frightened us dreadfully.
  18. 1892, (w), s:The Adventure of the Engineers Thumb|The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb''

  19. Thank you. I am sorry to have interrupted you. Pray continue your most interesting statement.
  20. 2013, Martina Hyde, Is the pope Catholic? (in The Guardian, 20 September 2013)

  21. He is a South American, so perhaps revolutionary spirit courses through Francis's veins. But what, pray, does the Catholic church want with doubt?