1. sellainen, johon on käytetty siksakkia

  2. sellainen, joka liikkuu edestakaisin siksakin muodostamaa kuviota muistuttavin liikkein



käyrä, mutkainen, siksakkia, kulmikas muoto, kulmikkuus, siksakki, siksak, kulkea, liikkua, mennä, siirtyä, slalom-pujotella, pujotella, kammeta, mutkitella.

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zigzag (englanti > suomi)

  1. siksak, siksakki, dated sik-sak

  2. mutkitteleva

  3. pujotella, säntäillä, mutkitella

  4. mutkittelevasti

zigzag englanniksi

  1. a line or path that proceeds by sharp turns in alternate alternating directions

  2. one of such sharp turns

  3. Moving in, or having a zigzag.

  4. 1820, (w), (w), Chapter 16,http://www.gutenberg.org/files/82/82-h/82-h.htm

  5. The entrance to this ancient place of devotion was under a very low round arch, ornamented by several courses of that zig-zag moulding, resembling shark’s teeth, which appears so often in the more ancient Saxon architecture.
  6. (RQ:Grey Riders)

  7. (...) between two spears of rock, directly in line with his position, showed a zigzag crack that at night would let through the gleam of sky.
  8. To move or to twist in a zigzag manner.

  9. At the base this vent was dark, cool, and smelled of dry, musty dust. It zigzagged so that he could not see ahead more than a few yards at a time.
  10. in a zigzag manner or pattern

  11. English zigzag