1. totta

  2. tosi

  3. uskollinen

  4. todellinen, oikea, aito



oikea, uskollinen, aito, rehellinen, kunniallinen, luotettava, uskottava, todenmukainen, tosi.


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seurue, matkaseurue, teatteriseurue, päivällisseurue, metsästysseurue, näyttelijäseurue, pöytäseurue...

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true (englanti > suomi)

  1. tosi

  2. tosi- in compounds

  3. oikea

  4. todellinen

  5. suoristaa

true englanniksi

  1. puhekieltä conform Conforming to the actual state of reality or fact; factually correct.

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  4. (quote-book)|title= The China Governess|chapter=20

  5. (quote-magazine)

  6. Conforming to a rule or pattern; exact; accurate.

  7. Sir (w) (1771-1832)

  8. making his eye, foot, and hand keep true time
  9. puhekieltä Of the state in Boolean logic that indicates an affirmative or positive result.

  10. loyal Loyal, faithful.

  11. genuine Genuine.

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  13. legitimate Legitimate.

  14. puhekieltä etc. accurate Accurate; following a path toward the target.

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  16. {{quote-book|year=2008|author=Carl Hiaasen

  17. puhekieltä fair Fair, unbiased, not loaded.

  18. 1990, William W. S. Wei, Time Series Analysis, ISBN 0201159112, page 8:

  19. Let Z_t be twice the value of a true die shown on the t-th toss.
  20. 2006, Judith A. Baer, Leslie Friedman Goldstein, The Constitutional and Legal Rights of Women: Cases in Law and Social Change (ISBN 9781933220222)

  21. In fact, few profit margins can be predicted with such reliability as those provided by a true roulette wheel or other game of chance.
  22. 2012, Peter Sprent, Applied Nonparametric Statistical Methods, Springer Science & Business Media (ISBN 9789400912236), page 5

  23. We do not reject, because 9 heads and 3 tails is in a set of reasonably likely results when we toss a true coin.
  24. puhekieltä accurately Accurately.

  25. {{quote-magazine|year=2013|month=May-June|author= David Van Tassel, Lee DeHaan

  26. truth Truth.

  27. The state of being in alignment.

  28. 1904, Lester Gray French, Machinery, Volume 10:

  29. Some toolmakers are very careless when drilling the first hole through work that is to be bored, claiming that if the drilled hole comes out of true somewhat it can be brought true with the boring tool.
  30. 1922, (w), s:O Russet Witch!/Chapter II|O Russet Witch! in (w):

  31. She clapped her hands happily, and he thought how pretty she was really, that is, the upper part of her face—from the bridge of the nose down she was somewhat out of true.
  32. 1988, (w), (w), Baen Publishing, ISBN 0-671-65398-9, page 96:

  33. The crate shifted on its pallet, out of sync now. As the lift withdrew, the crate skidded with it, dragged by friction and gravity, skewing farther and farther from true.
  34. 1994, Bruce Palmer, How to Restore Your Harley-Davidson:

  35. The strength and number of blows depends on how far out of true the shafts are.
  36. To straighten.

  37. He trued the spokes of the bicycle wheel.

  38. To make even, level, symmetrical, or accurate, align; adjust.

  39. We spent all night truing up the report.

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