virtaaminen, vuoto, suonensisäinen tiputus, virrata, tiputella, tihkua, tippua, norua, valua, valuttaa, huuhtoutua, suodattua.

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ale, ginger ale, chippendale, kale, riekale, roikale, suikale, kekkale, vonkale, huiskale...

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trickle (englanti > suomi)

  1. puro

  2. noro

  3. valuttaa, noruttaa

  4. valua, norua

trickle englanniksi

  1. A very thin river.

  2. The brook had shrunk to a mere trickle.

  3. A very thin flow; the act of trickling.

  4. The tap of the washbasin in my bedroom is leaking and the trickle drives me mad at night.

  5. James Bryce

  6. The streams that run south and east from the mountains to the coast are short and rapid torrents after a storm, but at other times dwindle to feeble trickles of mud.
  7. puhekieltä to pour a liquid in a very thin stream, or so that drops fall continuously

  8. The doctor trickled some iodine on the wound.

  9. puhekieltä to flow in a very thin stream or drop continuously

  10. Here the water just trickles along, but later it becomes a torrent.

    The film was so bad that people trickled out of the cinema before its end.

  11. 1897, (w), (w) Chapter 21

  12. Her white night-dress was smeared with blood, and a thin stream trickled down the man's bare chest which was shown by his torn-open dress.
  13. puhekieltä To move or roll slowly.

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