1. (fysiikka) nopeus, vauhti

  2. yhteys|slangia|k=en amfetamiini

  3. (automaatti)vaihde

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liikkuminen, liikahdus, liike, nopeus, vauhti, ylinopeus, kiirehtiminen, kiihdyttäminen, nopeuttaminen, nopeutuminen, kiihdytys, nopeutus, hidastaminen, kiitäminen, viilettäminen, amfetamiini, puhtipilleri, piriste, piri, spiidi, stimulantti, nautintoaine.

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  1. speedy: amfetamiini


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speed (englanti > suomi)

  1. nopeus, vauhti

  2. vauhti

  3. valoherkkyys

  4. vauhti, piri, spiidi

  5. ajaa (liian) nopeasti

  6. ajaa ylinopeutta

speed englanniksi

  1. The state of moving quickly or the capacity for rapid motion; rapidity.

  2. How does Usain Bolt run at that speed?

  3. The rate of motion or action, specifically puhekieltä/puhekieltä the magnitude of the velocity; the rate distance is traversed in a given time.

  4. puhekieltä The sensitivity to light of film, plates or sensor.

  5. puhekieltä The duration of exposure, the time during which a camera shutter is open.

  6. puhekieltä The largest size of the lens opening at which a lens can be used.

  7. puhekieltä The ratio of the focal length to the diameter of a photographic objective.

  8. puhekieltä amphetamine Amphetamine or any amphetamine-based drug (especially methamphetamine) used as a stimulant, especially illegally.

  9. puhekieltä Luck, success, prosperity.

  10. Bible, Genesis xxiv. 12

  11. O Lord God of my master Abraham, I pray thee, send me good speed this day.
  12. puhekieltä Personal preference.

  13. We could go to the shore next week, or somewhere else if thats not your speed.''

  14. puhekieltä To succeed; to prosper, be lucky.

  15. (RQ:Mlry MrtDrthr):

  16. And yf I maye fynde suche a knyghte that hath all these vertues / he may drawe oute this swerd oute of the shethe / for I haue ben at kyng Ryons / it was told me ther were passyng good knyghtes / and he and alle his knyghtes haue assayed it and none can spede
  17. (RQ:RBrtn AntmyMlncl), I.2.4.vii:

  18. Aristotle must find out the motion of Euripus; Pliny must needs see Vesuvius; but how sped they? One loseth goods, another his life.
  19. 18thc., (w), Introductory to Switzerland

  20. At night returning, every labor sped, / He sits him down the monarch of a shed: / Smiles by his cheerful fire, and round surveys, / His children’s looks, that brighten at the blaze;
  21. puhekieltä To help someone, to give them fortune; to aid or favour.

  22. (ux)

  23. (w) (c.1564–1616)

  24. Fortune speed us!
  25. (w) (1631-1700)

  26. with rising gales that speed their happy flight
  27. puhekieltä To go fast.

  28. I have speeded hither with the very extremest inch of possibility.
  29. (quote-book)|title=(w)

  30. puhekieltä To exceed the speed limit.

  31. puhekieltä To increase the rate at which something occurs.

  32. 1982, Carole Offir & Carole Wade, Human sexuality, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, p.454:

  33. It is possible that the uterine contractions speed the sperm along.
  34. 2004, James M. Cypher & James L. Dietz, The process of economic development, Routledge, p.359:

  35. Such interventions can help to speed the process of reducing CBRs and help countries pass through the demographic transition threshold more quickly(nb..).
  36. puhekieltä To be under the influence of stimulant drugs, especially amphetamines.

  37. puhekieltä To be expedient.

  38. (rfquotek)

  39. puhekieltä To hurry to destruction; to put an end to; to ruin.

  40. sped with spavins
  41. (w) (1688-1744)

  42. A dire dilemma! either way I'm sped. / If foes, they write, if friends, they read, me dead.
  43. puhekieltä To wish success or good fortune to, in any undertaking, especially in setting out upon a journey.

  44. Welcome the coming, speed the parting guest.
  45. To cause to make haste; to dispatch with celerity; to drive at full speed; hence, to hasten; to hurry.

  46. (w) (c.1580-1635)

  47. He sped him thence home to his habitation.
  48. To hasten to a conclusion; to expedite.

  49. (w) (1676-1732)

  50. Judicial acts(..)are sped in open court at the instance of one or both of the parties.
  51. English speed (amphetamine)