1. hahmotelma, luonnos

  2. sketsi, hupailu

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luonnos, karkea luonnos, vedos, piirros, piirustus, tutkielma, skitsi, kuvaus, tiivistelmä, yhteenveto, referaatti, lyhennelmä, katsaus.

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sketch (englanti > suomi)

  1. luonnostella

  2. hahmotella

  3. luonnos, hahmotelma, skitsi

  4. luonnos, hahmotelma

  5. hahmotelma

  6. sketsi humorous or satirical scene

  7. pelle, vitsi

  8. pakina

sketch englanniksi

  1. To make a brief, basic drawing.

  2. I usually sketch with a pen rather than a pencil.

  3. To describe briefly and with very few details.

  4. He sketched the accident, sticking to the facts as they had happened.

  5. A rapidly executed freehand drawing that is not intended as a finished work, often consisting of a multitude of overlapping lines.

  6. (RQ:RJfrs AmtrPqr)

  7. Orion hit a rabbit once; but though sore wounded it got to the bury, and, struggling in, the arrow caught the side of the hole and was drawn out.(nb..). Ikey the blacksmith had forged us a spearhead after a sketch from a picture of a Greek warrior; and a rake-handle served as a shaft.
  8. {{quote-magazine|date=2012-03|author=w:Brian Hayes (scientist)|Brian Hayes

  9. A rough design, plan, or draft, as a rough draft of a book.

  10. A brief description of a person or account of an incident; a general presentation or outline.

  11. A brief, light, or unfinished dramatic, musical, or literary work or idea; eg. a short, often humorous or satirical scene or play, frequently as part of a revue or variety show, a skit; or, a brief musical composition or theme, especially for the piano; or, a brief, light, or informal literary composition, such as an essay or short story.

  12. puhekieltä An amusing person.

  13. puhekieltä Keeping sketch: to keep a lookout.

  14. puhekieltä A humorous newspaper article summarizing political events, making heavy use of metaphor, paraphrase and caricature.

  15. 1901, Sketch: A Journal of Art and Actuality

  16. A very capable journalist, he wrote the Parliamentary sketch for the Pall Mall and the Westminster Gazette for several years.
  17. 1978, Robin Callender Smith, Press law, Sweet and Maxwell

  18. The Daily Telegraph sketch concentrated on the Bishop&39;s attack and included rebutting remarks from Lord Longford, describing the attack as monumentally unfair because Mr. Cook could not reply.
  19. 2012, Andrew Gimson, Boris: The Rise of Boris Johnson, Simon and Schuster (ISBN 9780857207395)

  20. Frank had won a reputation while writing the Times sketch as one of the wittiest writers and talkers in England.
  21. sketchy Sketchy, shady, questionable.

  22. (l), (l) (gloss)

  23. English sketch, skit (short comic work)

  24. (alternative form of)

  25. English sketch (short comic work)