1. ei-mon näkö; näkeminen

  2. näky

  3. nähtävyys

  4. tähtäin


What a sight!

see the sights

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piiri, rajat, vaikutusala, ymmärrys, ulottuvuus, näköpiiri, havaintopiiri, näkökenttä, aistialue, aistimodaliteetti, aistipiiri, herkkyys ulkoisille ärsykkeille, näkeminen, näkökyky, näköaisti, näkö.

Liittyvät sanat: sightseeing, sightseeingbussi.

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sight (englanti > suomi)

  1. näköala, näkökenttä

  2. nähtävyys

  3. tähtäin

  4. nähdä

  5. saada näkyviinsä

  6. tähdätä

sight englanniksi

  1. puhekieltä The ability to see.

  2. Shakespeare

  3. Thy sight is young, / And thou shalt read when mine begin to dazzle.
  4. Milton

  5. O loss of sight, of thee I most complain!
  6. The act of seeing; perception of objects by the eye; view.

  7. to gain sight of land

  8. Bible, Acts i. 9

  9. A cloud received him out of their sight.
  10. Something seen.

  11. 2005, Lesley Brown (translator), w:Plato Plato (author), Sophist, w:Stephanus pagination|236d:

  12. He's a really remarkable man and it's very hard to get him in one's sights; (..)

  13. Something worth seeing; a spectacle.

  14. You really look a sight in that silly costume!

  15. Bible, Exodus iii. 3

  16. Moses said, I will now turn aside and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt.
  17. Spenser

  18. They never saw a sight so fair.
  19. A device used in aiming a projectile, through which the person aiming looks at the intended target.

  20. A small aperture through which objects are to be seen, and by which their direction is settled or ascertained.

  21. the sight of a quadrant

    their eyes of fire sparking through sights of steel
  22. puhekieltä a great deal, a lot; (non-gloss definition).

  23. a sight of money

    This is a darn sight better than what Im used to at home!''

  24. Gower

  25. a wonder sight of flowers
  26. 1913, w:D. H. Lawrence|D.H. Lawrence, s:Sons_and_Lovers Sons and Lovers, s:Sons and Lovers/Chapter II|chapter 2

  27. "If your mother put you in the pit at twelve, it's no reason why I should do the same with my lad."
    "Twelve! It wor a sight afore that!"
  28. In a drawing, picture, etc., that part of the surface, as of paper or canvas, which is within the frame or the border or margin. In a frame, the open space, the opening.

  29. puhekieltä The instrument of seeing; the eye.

  30. Why cloud they not their sights?
  31. Mental view; opinion; judgment.

  32. In their sight it was harmless.


  33. Bible, Luke xvi. 15

  34. That which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God.
  35. puhekieltä To register visually.

  36. puhekieltä To get sight of (something).

  37. (quote-book)|chapter=4

  38. (ux)

  39. puhekieltä To apply sights to; to adjust the sights of; also, to give the proper elevation and direction to by means of a sight.

  40. puhekieltä To take aim at.