1. hylly, teline, myös räkki

  2. naulakko

  3. piinapenkki (kidutusväline)

  4. (biljardi) kolmio, pakantekoväline; pakka

  5. yhteys|slangia|k=en rintavarustus, rinnat

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kidutus, kidutuspenkki, piinapenkki, kidutusväline, venytyspenkki, venytyspyörä, hävitys, hajotus, täystuho, poispyyhkäisy, pyyhintä, tuho, surettaa, tuottaa tuskaa, satuttaa, koetella, raastaa, kiduttaa, piinata.

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rack (englanti > suomi)

  1. räkki, teline

  2. piinapenkki

  3. naulakko

  4. rintavarustus literally "chest equipment", rinnat|p

rack englanniksi

  1. A series of one or more shelf shelves, stacked one above the other

  2. Any of various kinds of frame for holding clothes, bottles, animal fodder, mined ore, shot on a vessel, etc.

  3. puhekieltä A piece or frame of wood, having several sheaves, through which the running rigging passes.

  4. A distaff.

  5. A bar with tooth teeth on its face or edge, to work with those of a gearwheel, pinionEtymology 2|pinion, or worm, which is to drive or be driven by it.

  6. A bar with teeth on its face or edge, to work with a pawl as a ratchet allowing movement in one direction only, used for example in a handbrake or crossbow.

  7. A device, incorporating a ratchet, used to torture victims by stretching them beyond their natural limits.

  8. Macaulay

  9. During the troubles of the fifteenth century, a rack was introduced into the Tower, and was occasionally used under the plea of political necessity.
  10. A cranequin, a mechanism including a rack, pinion and pawl, providing both mechanical advantage and a ratchet, used to bend and cockVerb cock a crossbow.

  11. A set of antlers (as on deer, moose or elk).

  12. A cut of meat involving several adjacent ribs.

  13. I bought a rack of lamb at the butchers yesterday.''

  14. puhekieltä A hollow triangle used for aligning the balls at the start of a game.

  15. puhekieltä A woman's breasts.

  16. puhekieltä A friction device for abseiling, consisting of a frame with five or more metal bars, around which the rope is threaded.

  17. (ux)

  18. puhekieltä A climber's set of equipment for setting up protection and belays, consisting of runners, slings, carabiners, nuts, Friends, etc.

  19. I used almost a full rack on the second pitch.

  20. A grate on which bacon is laid.

  21. puhekieltä That which is extorted; exaction.

  22. (rfquotek)

  23. To place in or hang on a rack.

  24. To torture (someone) on the rack.

  25. Alexander Pope

  26. He was racked and miserably tormented.
  27. 2011, Thomas Penn, Winter King, Penguin 2012, p. 228:

  28. As the poet Sir Thomas Wyatt later recalled, his father, Henry VII's jewel-house keeper Henry Wyatt, had been racked on the orders of Richard III, who had sat there and watched.
  29. To cause (someone) to suffer pain.

  30. Milton

  31. Vaunting aloud but racked with deep despair.
  32. puhekieltä To stretch or strain; to harass, or oppress by extortion.

  33. Shakespeare

  34. Try what my credit can in Venice do; / That shall be racked even to the uttermost.
  35. Spenser

  36. The landlords there shamefully rack their tenants.
  37. Fuller

  38. They rack a Scripture simile beyond the true intent thereof.
  39. puhekieltä To put the balls into the triangular rack and set them in place on the table.

  40. puhekieltä To strike a male in the groin with the knee.

  41. To (manually) load (a round of ammunition) from the magazine or belt into firing position in an automatic or semiautomatic firearm.

  42. puhekieltä To wash (metals, ore, etc.) on a rack.

  43. puhekieltä To bind together, as two ropes, with cross turns of yarn, marline, etc.

  44. To move the slide bar on a shotgun in order to chamber the next round

  45. If youre going to have to use it defensively, have the shotgun already loaded and ready for use. The last thing you want to have to do is rack the slide, which could give away your position, in which case it may very well be the last thing you ever do.''

  46. To stretch a person's joints.

  47. To drive; move; go forward rapidly; stir

  48. To fly, as vapour or broken clouds

  49. Thin, flying, broken clouds, or any portion of floating vapour in the sky.

  50. Francis Bacon

  51. The winds in the upper region, which move the clouds above, which we call the rack, (..) pass without noise.
  52. Charles Kingsley

  53. And the night rack came rolling up.
  54. William Shakespeare

  55. Sometime we see a cloud that's dragonish ... That which is now a horse ... The rack dislimns, and makes it indistinct .... (Antony and Cleopatra, Act IV, scene 14)
  56. puhekieltä To clarify, and thereby deter further fermentation of, beer, wine or cider by draining or siphoning it from the dregs.

  57. It is in common practice to draw wine or beer from the lees (which we call racking), whereby it will clarify much the sooner.
  58. puhekieltä To amble fast, causing a rocking or swaying motion of the body; to pace.

  59. A fast amble.

  60. puhekieltä A wreck; destruction.

  61. Samuel Pepys

  62. All goes to rack.