1. ammattitaitoinen, pätevä

Liittyvät sanat: proficiency, proficiently



etevä, taidokas, taitava, osaava, harjaantunut, pätevä, kouliintunut.

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proficient (englanti > suomi)

  1. taitava; sujuva (of language)

  2. taituri

proficient englanniksi

  1. Good at something; skilled; fluent; practiced, especially in relation to a task or skill.

  2. He was a proficient writer with an interest in human nature.

  3. 1912: (w), (w), Chapter 5

  4. By constant playing and experimenting with these he learned to tie rude knots, and make sliding nooses; and with these he and the younger apes amused themselves. What Tarzan did they tried to do also, but he alone originated and became proficient.
  5. An expert.

  6. 1924, (w), (w), London: Constable & Co., Chapter 10,

  7. Why not subpoena as well the clerical proficients?
  8. (inflection of)