1. paikka, asema, sijainti

  2. työpaikka, toimi

  3. sija, paikka

  4. kanta, mielipide

  5. asento

  6. yhteys|shakki|k=en asema

  7. tila

  8. yhteys|liiketalous|k=en sitoumus, osto- tai myyntisitoumus


We are currently recruiting for the following 'positions'.

:Rekrytoimme tällä hetkellä seuraaviin 'toimiin'.

Kimi Räikkonen maintained second 'position' through more than half of the race.

:Kimi Räikkönen piti toisen 'sijansa' yli puolet kisasta.

I’m not going to comment on his 'position' on globalization.

:En aio kommentoida hänen 'kantaansa' globalisaatiosta.

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alemman yhteiskuntaluokan, alaluokan, keskiluokkainen, yläluokan, hallitseva, alainen, alempiarvoinen, asema.

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position (englanti > suomi)

  1. paikka, asema, sijainti

  2. asema, arvo

  3. paikka, asema, työpaikka

  4. kanta, mielipide

  5. asento

  6. paikka

  7. asettaa, sijoittaa, asemoida

position englanniksi

  1. A place or location.

  2. A post of employment; a job.

  3. A status or rank.

  4. Chief of Staff is the second-highest position in the army.

  5. An opinion, stand{{, or stance.

  6. My position on this issue is unchanged.

  7. A posture.

  8. Stand in this position, with your arms at your side.

  9. puhekieltä A place on the playing field, together with a set of duties, assigned to a player.

  10. Stop running all over the field and play your position!

  11. puhekieltä An amount of securities or commodities held by a person, firm{{, or institution.

  12. Strong earnings have bolstered the companys financial position.''

  13. puhekieltä A method of solving a problem by one or two suppositions; also called the rule of trial and error.

  14. puhekieltä The full state of a chess game at any given turn.

  15. To put into place.

  16. 26 June 2012, Simon Bowers in The Guardian, Tax crackdowns threaten Channel Islands haven status''http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/jun/26/tax-crackdowns-threaten-channel-islands

  17. While other small nations with large banking sectors, such as Iceland and Ireland, have been undone by their reckless lending practices, the debt-free Channel Islands have always positioned themselves as dependable repositories of riches.
  18. taivutettu muoto

  19. (l)

  20. a place, a location, a position. A description of where something is located with respect to the surroundings, e.g. the satellites of the GPS system.

  21. puhekieltä a place on the playing field, together with a set of duties, assigned to a player.