1. fyysinen, ruumiillinen

  2. filosofia|fysiikka|k=en fysikaalinen

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aineellinen, fyysinen, vakuuttava, väkivaltainen, energinen, toimelias.

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physical (englanti > suomi)

  1. ruumiillinen, fysikaalinen, fyysinen

  2. fysikaalinen, fyysinen

  3. fyysinen, voima-

  4. fysikaalinen

  5. kuntotarkastus

physical englanniksi

  1. Having to do with the body.

  2. (ux)

  3. Having to do with the material world.

  4. John Stuart Mill

  5. Labour, in the physical world, is (..) employed in putting objects in motion.
  6. Macaulay

  7. A society sunk in ignorance, and ruled by mere physical force.
  8. {{quote-magazine|title=No hiding place

  9. Involving bodily force.

  10. Having to do with physics.

  11. {{quote-magazine|date=2012-01|author=Michael Riordan|title=Tackling Infinity

  12. puhekieltä (l)

  13. puhekieltä Relating to physic, or medicine; medicinal; curative; also, cathartic; purgative.

  14. Sir T. North

  15. Physical herbs.
  16. Shakespeare

  17. Is Brutus sick? and is it physical / To walk unbraced, and suck up the humours / Of the dank morning?
  18. physical examination|Physical examination.

  19. How long has it been since your last physical?