1. kapea

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ahdasmielinen, rajoittunut, torjuva, umpimielinen, dogmaattinen, käskevä, suvaitsematon, pikkumainen, kapea.

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know-how, show, drag show, talk show, floor show, ravintolashow, lavashow, muotishow, televisioshow, valoshow...

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  1. kapea

  2. kaventaa

  3. kaventua

narrow englanniksi

  1. Having a small width; not wide; slim; slender; having opposite edges or sides that are close, especially by comparison to length or depth.

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  5. Of little extent; very limited; circumscribed.

  6. Bishop Wilkins

  7. The Jews were but a small nation, and confined to a narrow compass in the world.
  8. puhekieltä restrictive Restrictive; without flexibility or latitude.

  9. Contracted; of limited scope; illiberal; bigoted.

  10. a narrow mind; narrow views

  11. Macaulay

  12. a narrow understanding
  13. Having a small margin or degree.

  14. The Republicans won by a narrow majority.

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  16. puhekieltä Limited as to means; straitened; pinching.

  17. narrow circumstances

  18. Parsimonious; niggardly; covetous; selfish.

  19. Smalridge

  20. a very narrow and stinted charity
  21. Scrutinizing in detail; close; accurate; exact.

  22. Milton

  23. But first with narrow search I must walk round / This garden, and no corner leave unspied.
  24. puhekieltä Formed (as a vowel) by a close position of some part of the tongue in relation to the palate; or (according to Bell) by a tense condition of the pharynx; distinguished from wide.

  25. puhekieltä To reduce in width or extent; to contract.

  26. We need to narrow the search.

  27. puhekieltä To get narrower.

  28. The road narrows.

  29. puhekieltä To contract the size of, as a stocking, by taking two stitches into one.

  30. puhekieltä A narrow passage, especially a contracted part of a stream, lake, or sea; a strait connecting two bodies of water.

  31. the Narrows of New York harbor

  32. Gladstone

  33. Near the island lay on one side the jaws of a dangerous narrow.