1. yhteys|tilastotiede|k=en mediaani-

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keskeinen, keski-, keskimmäinen, mesiaalinen, mediaalinen, normaali, mediaaninen, keskiarvo.


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median (englanti > suomi)

  1. keskihermo median nerve

  2. mediaani

  3. keskikaista

  4. keskeinen, keski-

  5. mediaani|alt=mediaani-

median englanniksi

  1. puhekieltä A central vein or nerve, especially the median vein or median nerve running through the forearm and arm. (defdate)

  2. (RQ:Flr Mntgn Essay), II.3:

  3. Why is not our jugular or throat-veine as much at our command as the mediane (transterm)?
  4. (RQ:RBrtn AntmyMlncl), II.5.2:

  5. The Greeks prescribe the median or middle vein to be opened, and so much blood to be taken away as the patient may well spare, and the cut that is made must be wide enough.
  6. puhekieltä A (l) joining the vertex of triangle to the (l) of the opposing side.

  7. puhekieltä In statistics and probability theory, the median is the number separating the higher half of a data Sample (statistics)|sample, a statistical population|population, or a probability distribution, from the lower half. The median of a finite list of numbers can be found by arranging all the observations from lowest value to highest value and picking the middle one (e.g., the median of {3, 3, 5, 9, 11} is 5). If there is an even number of observations, then there is no single middle value; the median is then usually defined to be the arithmetic mean|mean of the two middle values. (defdate)

  8. puhekieltä The median strip; the area separating two lanes of opposite-direction traffic. (defdate)

  9. Situated in the middle; central, intermediate. (defdate)

  10. puhekieltä In the middle of an organ, structure etc.; towards the median plane of an organ or limb. (defdate)

  11. puhekieltä Having the median as its value. (defdate)

  12. (eo-form of)

  13. taivutettu muoto

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  15. English median value