1. konstrukti

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kustomoida, muuttaa toiveiden mukaiseksi, kivetä, seurata, vetää, rajata, piirtää, laatia, valmistaa massatuotantona, valmistaa, koota, rakentaa, pystyttää.

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construct (englanti > suomi)

  1. rakentaa

  2. konstruoida

construct englanniksi

  1. Something constructed from parts.

  2. The artwork was a construct of wire and tubes.

    Loops and conditional statements are constructs in computer programming.

  3. A concept or model.

  4. Bohrs theoretical construct of the atom was soon superseded by quantum mechanics.''

  5. (genetics) A segment of nucleic acid, created artificially, for transplantation into a target cell or tissue.

  6. puhekieltä To build or form (something) by assemble assembling parts.

  7. We constructed the radio from spares.

  8. puhekieltä To build (a sentence, an argument, etc.) by arranging words or ideas.

  9. A sentence may be constructed with a subject, verb and object.

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  11. The Vietnam War films are forms of memory that function to provide collective rememberings, to construct history, and to subsume within them the experience of the veterans.
  12. puhekieltä To draw (a geometric figure) by following precise specifications and using geometric tools and techniques.

  13. Construct a circle that touches each vertex of the given triangle.