1. taka-, takana oleva

  2. syrjä-, syrjäinen, sivu-

  3. fonetiikka taka-

  4. takautuva

  5. (aikakausjulkaisuista) vanha, ei viimeisin


'back' door

'back' roads

'back' vowels – takavokaalit

My employer owes me in 'back' pay.

There were 'back' issues of magazines in the waiting room.

Liittyvät sanat: back away, back down, back off, back onto, back out, back up



taka-, perä-, takimmaisin, tain, perimmäinen, takimmainen, viimeinen, peräpuolella oleva, peräpuolella, perässä oleva, perässä.

Liittyvät sanat: backgammon.

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back (englanti > suomi)

  1. taka-

  2. vanha

  3. syrjä-, syrjäinen

  4. takaisin

  5. selkä

back englanniksi

  1. puhekieltä Near the rear.

  2. (quote-book)|chapter=19

  3. (ux)

  4. puhekieltä Not current.

  5. puhekieltä far Far from the main area.

  6. In arrear; overdue.

  7. back rent

  8. Moving or operating backward.

  9. back action

  10. puhekieltä Produced in the back of the mouth.

  11. puhekieltä To or in a previous condition or place.

  12. (quote-book)

  13. (quote-magazine)

  14. Away from the front or from an edge.

  15. (quote-book)|chapter=1

  16. (ux)

  17. In a manner that impedes.

  18. (ux)

  19. In a reciprocal manner.

  20. The rear of the body, especially the part between the neck and the end of the spine and opposite the chest and belly.

  21. (RQ:RJfrs AmtrPqr)

  22. It was not far from the house; but the ground sank into a depression there, and the ridge of it behind shut out everything except just the roof of the tallest hayrick. As one sat on the sward behind the elm, with the back turned on the rick and nothing in front but the tall elms and the oaks in the other hedge, it was quite easy to fancy it the verge of the prairie with the backwoods close by.
  23. The spine and associated tissues.

  24. puhekieltä Large and attractive buttocks.

  25. (quote-book)|title= Right as Rain: A Novel|isbn=0446610798|page=123

  26. puhekieltä The part of a piece of clothing which covers the back.

  27. The backrest, the part of a piece of furniture which receives the human back.

  28. puhekieltä That part of the body that bears clothing.

  29. (quote-book)|wikisource:Measure for Measure|Measure for Measure

  30. That which is farthest away from the front.

  31. The side of any object which is opposite the front or useful side.

  32. The edge of a book which is bind bound.

  33. puhekieltä The inside margin of a page.

  34. (quote-book)|page=472|edition=1965 Ayer Publishing ed.|title= A Dictionary of the Art of Printing|isbn=0833731289

  35. The side of a blade opposite the side used for cutting.

  36. The reverse side; the side that is not normally seen.

  37. Area behind, such as the backyard of a house.

  38. The part of something that goes last.

  39. puhekieltä In some team sports, a position behind most players on the team.

  40. {{quote-journal|date=December 28, 2010|author=Kevin Darlin|work=BBC

  41. puhekieltä Upper part of a natural object which is considered to resemble an animal's back.

  42. A support or resource in reserve.

  43. (w) (1564-1616)

  44. This project / Should have a back or second, that might hold, / If this should blast in proof.
  45. puhekieltä The keel and keelson of a ship.

  46. puhekieltä The roof of a horizontal underground passage.

  47. {{quote-book|1911|Robert Bruce Brinsmade|title= Mining Without Timber|page=161

  48. puhekieltä Effort, usually physical.

  49. A non-alcoholic drink (often water or a soft drink), to go with hard liquor or a cocktail.

  50. Among leather dealers, one of the thickest and stoutest tanned hides.

  51. 1848, Maine Supreme Judicial Court, Maine Reports (volume 6, page 397)

  52. (..)as delivered by a tanner the average weight of a back and two strips would be about 42 pounds(nb..).