1. varasto



godown, varasto, varastorakennus, varastoida, tallettaa.

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house, open house...

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warehouse (englanti > suomi)

  1. varasto

warehouse englanniksi

  1. A place for store storing large amounts of products (wares). In logistics, a place where products go to from the manufacturer before going to the retailer.

  2. (quote-magazine)

  3. To store, as in a warehouse.

  4. 1894, United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Finance, Opinions of Collectors of Customs Concerning Ad Valorem and Specific Rates of Duty on Imports

  5. Tobacco, for instance, shrinks materially by frequent reshippings, and as all goods are warehoused as a convenience to importers, duties should be paid on what the importer receives.
  6. To confine people to institutions for long-term periods.