1. salainen



odottamaton, tuntematon, salattu, salainen, esoteerinen, salaperäinen, mystinen, selittämätön, yliluonnollinen, okkulttinen, yksityinen, yksityis-, salassa pidettävä.


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secret (englanti > suomi)

  1. salaisuus

  2. salainen

secret englanniksi

  1. puhekieltä knowledge Knowledge that is hidden and intended to be kept hidden. (defdate)

  2. (ux)

  3. Rambler

  4. To tell our secrets is often folly; to communicate those of others is treachery.
  5. (quote-magazine)

  6. 2014, Thomas Feller, Trustworthy Reconfigurable Systems

  7. The storage of cryptographic secrets is one of the paramount requirements in building trustworthy systems.
  8. puhekieltä Something not understood or known.

  9. Milton

  10. All secrets of the deep, all nature's works.
  11. puhekieltä The genital organs.

  12. Being or kept hidden. (defdate)

  13. Bible, Deuteronomy xxix. 29

  14. The secret things belong unto the Lord our God; but those things which are revealed belong unto us.
  15. (quote-book)

  16. puhekieltä Withdrawn from general intercourse or notice; in retirement or secrecy; secluded.

  17. Fenton

  18. secret in her sapphire cell
  19. Robert Louis Stevenson, Kidnapped

  20. “He was a secret man, Alexander — a secret, silent man,” he continued.
  21. puhekieltä Faithful to a secret; not inclined to divulge or betray confidence; secretive.

  22. Shakespeare

  23. Secret Romans, that have spoke the word, / And will not palter.
  24. puhekieltä Separate; distinct.

  25. Cudworth

  26. They suppose two other divine hypostases superior thereunto, which were perfectly secret from matter.
  27. puhekieltä To make or keep secret. (defdate)

  28. 1984, Peter Scott Lawrence, Around the mulberry tree, Firefly Books, p. 26

  29. ... she would unfold the silk, press it with a smooth wooden block that she'd heated in the oven, and then once more secret it away.
  30. 1986, InfoWorld, InfoWorld Media Group, Inc.

  31. Diskless workstations ... make it difficult for individuals to copy information ... onto a diskette and secret it away.
  32. 1994, Phyllis Granoff & Koichi Shinohara, Monks and magicians: religious biographies in Asia, Mosaic Press, p. 50

  33. To prevent the elixir from reaching mankind and thereby upsetting the balance of the universe, two gods secret it away.
  34. puhekieltä To hide secretly.

  35. He was so scared for his safety he secreted arms around the house.

  36. Adjective secret

  37. Noun secret

  38. (l)

  39. (l), hidden