1. yksityinen



sisä-, sisäinen, salainen, henkilökohtainen, yksityinen, sotamies, matruusi.


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private (englanti > suomi)

  1. yksityinen, henkilökohtainen

  2. yksityinen; yksityis- in compounds

  3. yksityinen

  4. rauhallinen, yksityinen

  5. varautunut

  6. sotamies

  7. sukuelimet

private englanniksi

  1. Belonging to, concerning, or accessible only to an individual person or a specific group.

  2. (quote-magazine)

  3. (ux)

  4. Not accessible by the public.

  5. Not in governmental office or employment.

  6. Not publicly known; not open; secret.

  7. (quote-book)|title=(w)

  8. Protected from view or disturbance by others; secluded.

  9. Not traded by the public.

  10. Secretive; reserved.

  11. puhekieltä Not shared with another patient.

  12. The lowest rank of the army.

  13. A soldier of the rank of private.

  14. (in plural privates) A euphemistic term for the genitals.

  15. puhekieltä A secret message; a personal unofficial communication.

  16. (rfquotek)

  17. puhekieltä Personal interest; particular business.

  18. Ben Jonson

  19. Nor must I be unmindful of my private.
  20. puhekieltä Privacy; retirement.

  21. Shakespeare

  22. Go off; I discard you; let me enjoy my private.
  23. puhekieltä One not invested with a public office.

  24. What have kings, that privates have not too?
  25. puhekieltä A private lesson.

  26. If you want to learn ballet, consider taking privates.

  27. privately

  28. (de-inflected form of)

  29. (feminine plural of)

  30. feminine plural past participle of privare

  31. second-person plural indicative present of privare

  32. second-person plural imperative of privare

  33. (inflection of)

  34. (form of)

  35. (monikko) privat|lang=nb

  36. (monikko) privat|lang=nn

  37. (sv-adj-form-abs-def-m)