1. rukous

  2. rukoilija



palvelus, palvonta, rukoilu, rukous, rukoushetki, hartaudenharjoitus, siunaus, benediktio, rukouspyörä, pyhä teksti, pyhä kirjoitus, uskonnollinen kirjoitus, uskonnollinen teksti, pyyntö.

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weber, freelancer, cheerleader, outsider, loafer, schäfer, penger, suojapenger, rantapenger, tiepenger...

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prayer (englanti > suomi)

  1. rukous, rukoileminen

  2. rukoilla|alt=rukoileminen

  3. rukous

  4. rukoushetki

  5. pyyntö

prayer englanniksi

  1. A practice of communicate communicating with one's God.

  2. (ux)

  3. The act of praying.

  4. (quote-book)|chapter=5

  5. The specific words or methods used for praying.

  6. A meeting held for the express purpose of praying.

  7. A request; a petition.

  8. puhekieltä The remotest hope or chance.

  9. That team doesnt have a prayer of winning the championship.''

  10. One who prays.

  11. 1974, w:Shel Silverstein|Shel Silverstein, “Invitation”, w:Where the Sidewalk Ends (book)|Where the Sidewalk Ends, Harper Collins Publishers:

  12. If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar / A hope-er(si), a pray-er(si), a magic bean buyer…
  13. 2012, Paul O'Connor, Islam in Hong Kong: Muslims and Everyday Life in Chinas World City''

  14. Out of the 37 respondents, seven are infrequent prayers who prefer to leave the precise details of their prayer life ambiguous.