penkki, kirkonpenkki.

Englannin sanakirja

pew (englanti > suomi)

  1. kirkonpenkki

pew englanniksi

  1. One of the long benches in a church, seating several persons, usually fixed to the floor and facing the chancel.

  2. ''In many churches some pews are reserved for either clerical or liturgical officials such as canons, or for prominent families

  3. An enclosed compartment in a church which provides seating for a group of people, often a prominent family.

  4. 2006 September 11, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, "Bush Mourns 9/11 at Ground Zero as N.Y. Remembers", w:The New York Times|The New York Times

  5. At St. Patrick’s Cathedral, firefighters in dress blues and white gloves escorted families to the pews for a memorial service, led by Mr. Bloomberg, to honor the 343 Fire Department employees killed on 9/11.
  6. Any structure shaped like a church pew, such as a stall, formerly used by money lenders, etc.; a box in a theatre; or a pen or sheepfold.

  7. (rfquotek)

  8. puhekieltä A chair; a seat.

  9. Pull up a pew.

  10. To furnish with pews.

  11. (non-gloss definition)

  12. Representative of the sound made by the fireVerb firing of a machine gun.