1. (maanviljely) pelto

  2. (urheilu) kenttä

  3. (fysiikka) kenttä

  4. (matematiikka) kunta

  5. (olio-ohjelmointi) jäsenmuuttuja



liikeyritys, kaupankäynti, liiketoiminta, elinkeinoelämä, yritystoiminta, ala, toiminta-ala, liiketoiminta-alue, kenttä, vyöhyke, Olympia, Nullarbor Plain, Nullarborin tasanko, Serengeti, Serengetin tasanko, tasanko, aukea, lakeus, vainio.

Englannin sanakirja

field (englanti > suomi)

  1. kenttä

field englanniksi

  1. (senseid)A land area free of woodland, cities, and towns; open country.

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  3. (senseid)A wide, open space that is usually used to grow crops or to hold farm animals.

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  5. fields which promise corn and wine
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  7. The open country near or belonging to a town or city—usually used in plural.

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  9. (senseid)A physical phenomenon, such as force, potential, or fluid velocity, that pervades a region.

  10. An airfield, airport or air base; especially, one with unpaved runways.

  11. (senseid)A course of study or domain of knowledge or practice.

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  13. The extent of a given perception.

  14. (senseid)A place where a battle is fought; a battlefield.

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  16. this glorious and well-foughten field
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  18. What though the field be lost?
  19. (senseid)An area reserved for playing a game.

  20. A realm of practical, direct, or natural operation, contrasting with an office, classroom, or laboratory.

  21. (senseid)puhekieltä A commutative ring with identity for which every nonzeroEnglish-algebra zero element has a multiplicative inverse.

  22. (senseid)puhekieltä A region containing a particular mineral.

  23. (senseid)puhekieltä The background of the shield.

  24. (senseid)puhekieltä The background of the flag.

  25. (senseid)puhekieltä An area of memory or storage reserved for a particular value.

  26. A component of a database record in which a single unit of information is stored.

  27. A physical or virtual location for the input of information in the form of characters.

  28. puhekieltä The team in a match that throws the ball and tries to catch it when it is hit by the other team (the bat).

  29. puhekieltä The outfield.

  30. An unrestricted or favourable opportunity for action, operation, or achievement.

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  32. afforded a clear field for moral experiments
  33. All of the competitors in any outdoor contest or trial, or all except the favourites in the betting.