1. ympäristö; elinpiiri

  2. asetelma, piiri, tila

  3. (atk) alusta


That program uses the Microsoft Windows environment.



atmosfääri, miljöö, tunnelma, ympäristö, ympäristöseudut, puitteet, kulissit, elementti, geografinen alue, maantieteellinen alue.


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environment (englanti > suomi)

  1. ympäristö

environment englanniksi

  1. The surroundings of, and influences on, a particular item of interest.

  2. The natural world or ecosystem.

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  4. All the elements that affect a system or its inputs and outputs.

  5. A particular political or social setting, arena or condition.

  6. puhekieltä The software and/or hardware existing on any particular computer system.

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  8. puhekieltä The environment of a function at a point during the execution of a program is the set of identifiers in the function's scope and their bindings at that point.

  9. puhekieltä The set of variables and their values in a namespace that an operating system associates with a process.