1. (arkkitehtuuri) pylväs, pilari

  2. sarake (tekstiä)

  3. palsta; kolumni

  4. (sotavoimat) kolonna


* Examples: Packing in a packed bed, or a column such as a distillation column or a chromatography column

Liittyvät sanat: columnar, columnist, parcel



patsas, veistos, kolonni, kromatografiakolonni, obeliski, rakennelma, toteemipaalu, putki, putkilo, tuubi, runkorakenne, tukirakenne.

Englannin sanakirja

column (englanti > suomi)

  1. pylväs

  2. sarake

  3. kolonna

  4. palsta, kolumni

  5. pylväs, tolppa

column englanniksi

  1. puhekieltä A solid upright structure designed usually to support a larger structure above it, such as a roof or horizontal beam, but sometimes for decoration.

  2. A vertical line of entries in a table, usually read from top to bottom.

  3. A body of troops or army vehicles, usually strung out along a road.

  4. A body of text meant to be read line by line, especially in printed material that has multiple adjacent such on a single page.

  5. (ux)

  6. A unit of width, especially of advertisements, in a periodical, equivalent to the width of a usual column of text.

  7. puhekieltä A recurring feature in a periodical, especially an opinion piece, especially by a single author or small rotating group of authors, or on a single theme.

  8. Something having similar vertical form or structure to the things mentioned above, such as a spinal column.

  9. (quote-book)

  10. puhekieltä The gynostemium

  11. (chemistry) An object used to separate the different components of a liquid or to purify chemical compounds.