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a posteriori


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  1. puhekieltä Involving deduction of theories from facts.

  2. 1988, Woolhouse, R. S., The empiricists, Oxford University Press.

  3. What Locke calls "knowledge" they have called "a priori knowledge"; what he calls "opinion" or "belief" they have called "a posteriori" or "empirical knowledge".
  4. puhekieltä Developed on a basis of languages which already exist.Donald J. Harlow, http://donh.best.vwh.net/Esperanto/EBook/chap03.html How to Build a Language

  5. puhekieltä In a manner that deduces theories from facts.

  6. 1991, New Scientist

  7. FALLACIES of the modern worldview have to do with the conception of the world as substance or machinery, mistaking abstractions for reality, confusing origins and truth, failing to attribute feeling to things that feel, recognising ethics as exclusively anthropocentric, thinking a posteriori, objectifying facts as separated from values, reducing the complex to the simple and dividing knowledge into distinct disciplines that produce experts who are often wrong.
  8. a posterioriEnglish|a posteriori

  9. (l)

  10. From the following, from those things that follow, from those things that are later.

  11. at a later stage

  12. puhekieltä (l)